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Solving , Educating , Empowering , Adding Value , Delighting
payroot consultants believes in the power of each Human, the power to do smart, to make smart, to be Smart. We believe that appropriate knowledge & technology which is easy to access. Technology will provide smart solutions to peoples day to day problems & Make them the master’s of doing thing & taking decisions. Faster, Better, Efficient & Smarter than ever before. Whether it’s finding the high Investment Options, Do’s & Don’ts before investing to avoid less, Finding High quality education with less fee’s, shopping with protection & best Prices, getting smarter employees for free. We thrive on action and result’s and by making thing’s simpler & smarter, We do get more out of doing what we do, we find smart solution to every Customer by doing intense research & build transparent platforms to help People choose the best.
As the world evolves, so do we, finding & creating unique concept’s & Platforms to make every customer smarter & solve the major problem & Confusion’s like “Oh I did it Again” “Regret” “Bad Decision” “Should have Consulted Someone” etc.
We started small in 2015 with 4 team members & an amazing leader with Just 60,000 Rupees with education & financial solution, today we are growing At the pace of up to 100% every month with all new ventures coming up we are pretty excited.

Mohammed Haseeb is a founder of and is a CEO, Bussiness Magnate, Hustlier and Founder of payroot consultants.

These eight values reflect the heartbeat and spirit of Intuit and, in concert with our Code of Conduct & Ethics, remain the foundation that guides our actions and decisions. Living by these Values creates the type of environment we all desire: a workplace where we exceed the expectations of our customers and those of each other, and where we don't just satisfy people, we wow them.

Be Bold

  • Solve Big Customer Problems
  • Create a Vision that Inspires
  • Think Beyond What is Accepted as Possible
  • We can see the future in what we do because we're creating it together. We constantly seek inspiration and connect dots that no one else does.We don't shy away from the world's biggest problem's. It takes courage.

    Be Passionate

  • Personally embrace and role model change
  • Inspire with your insights and initiative
  • Strive to perfect your craft every day.
  • You’re here because of your unique talents and fire on your belly to do something meaningful. It shines through in ways that raises the bar for all of us. Never stop growing.

    Be Decisive

  • Choose what we will and will not do
  • Be transparent with your logic and judgement
  • Be direct and respectful
  • Have a point of view based on data, experience and instincts.Make a call and own the outcome.Speed matters, because the greatest risk is standing still.

    Learn Fast

  • Lead with a hypothesis
  • Be transparent with your logic and judgement
  • Savor the surprisess
  • We're in love with customer problems more than our solutions.We walk in our customer's shoes and experiment our way to success.The only failure is the failure to learn fast.

    Win Together

  • Deliver exceptional results so others can count on you.
  • Develop yourself and others to do the best work of our lives.
  • Be boundary-less in our thinking and actions
  • Small diverse teams drive our work and 90% of the decesions are made here. We accelerate each other in pursuit of our mission. We break down barriers. Together We are one group.

    Deliver Awesome

  • Delight our customers and partners with experiences they love.
  • Nail the fundamentals and sweat the details.
  • Never stop short of awesome.
  • We are proud of the products we deliver because they inspire the imagination and exceed expectations. We create and build our brand in all the work that carries our name.

    Our People

  • By Festering Teamwork, Nurturing talent, Enhancing leadership capability and acting with pace, pride & passion.
  • Our Offer

  • By becoming the supplier of choice, delivering premium products & services and creating value for our customers.
  • Our Innovative Approach

  • By developing leading edge solutions in our services.
  • Our Conduct

  • By providing a safe workplace, respecting the environment, caring for our communities & demonstrating high ethical standards.
  • Cooming Soon

    Supporting our mission, our strategy is to apply focus to help our customer’s by adding value to their life.

  • Data Driven Service’s
  • Knowledge Base
  • Provide Complete Confidence that they can do it right by themselves with complete confidence.

    We are evolving again to deliver personalized experiences on a trusted open platform and help create indispensable connections.

    As the way we live and work evolves, we adopt our strategy to meet & lead these changes, No matter where you find us and whether you use our products & services on your PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet.

    We remain committed to creating new carrier and smarter ways for consumers & business to tackle life’s day to day chores giving them more time to live their lives and run their businesses, As our business and product line grows beyond and into new areas, we will build on our heritage of innovation, that’s not just our history, It’s Our Future.